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phil-himself (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-08 at 1:53am
I over-analyze to begin with but now I'm just overboard.
I'm looking at things from angles that shouldn't even exist.
Tilting my head in ways it shouldn't even go.

I'm hearing words and trying to translate them into languages that have long since died.

I try to hold my hands up and say, "no, I don't know what my problem is."
But I do.

Me. I'm my problem.
And these things in my head. Thoughts? Yeah, those. They're a big issue too.

I've lost track of my 'off' button and am left with 'self-destruct.'
But I worry not! I have plenty of people willing to detonate that sucker for me.

exactly what I'm thinking in these times and I would like to change it but at the same time that's the nature of who I am
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