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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-08 at 11:02am
I can't say that I'm entirely sure which bitch you're talking about, but her name is Jordon. She lives in Flint, and her and Pj had a "thing" or whatever before him and I did. After I moved in with Pj last spring, I saw her seriously flirting with him on MSN, and I blew the eff up.

The other day, I got really pissed off because they were texting each other a lot and found out that she was still into him, and it appeared to me that she was trying to make him feel bad for not wanting to see her/visit her anymore and said "i should just forget about you."

So I blew up at her again and tore her ass apart, and then she tried to make ME feel bad for her ridiculous failures. She told me that he was her best friend, her only friend, and that I couldn't make them stop talking because she's known him longer even though she HASN'T known him longer, and even if she did, that is NOT a valid argument.

Anyway, I'm a mess, and I've been a mess for the last week or more because of all of this. Idk how to deal, and I keep getting really anxious and paranoid because I can't stand the thought of them talking, and I can't tell him to stop talking to her because that would be shitty of me to do/say, and we would be over if I ever did something like that. So I'm trying to be okay. I'm trying to get over it. I just don't know how.


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