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rayray (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-08 at 8:15pm
The only way to deal with it, and come to terms with it, is to announce it.
Harboring secrets will just add to the depression and guilt that "victims" feel, and they will always feel like a victim.

Its sad that those who are supposed to be our protectors, are the ones that actually do the most harm, yet they teach us so much. And unfortunately it happens to more people than we are aware of.

Our parents are not only there to hopefully guide us in the right direction and teach us right from wrong, and the little things like tying our shoes, but they are there to show us that they are human and they make huge mistakes, and have a hard time dealing with life. Some parents have a harder time than others. And some parents are better with kids that aren't their own, and that is why our friends find our parents 'way cooler' than we ever would imagine them being. Some parents try to be a friend more than a parent, and unfortunately some parents don't realize that they screwed up until it is too late...

And that is way longer than I anticipated.
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