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acidtears (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-08 at 10:56pm
Well, I believe you know, but you want feedback, so I am going to give it to you. HaHa. So, here I go.

When it comes to my parents together, it was never good, not at all. My dad was abusive, verbally, physically, emotionally, anyway possible pretty much. They "broke up" a few times that I remember. And there was this one time is specific that pops into my head. After a huge fight between them, my mom invited over some guy named Bill or Bob(not quite sure which name it was), and I was upset and crying so I went into her bedroom, and they were kissing and stuff on the bed. I was very young at this point and didn't know what to do, I ran back into my room and started bawling my eyes out. Then, her "boyfriend" came in and speed walked over to my bed, said "Shut the hell up you little bitch" and back handed me. This shows my mom's taste in men. They were never good together(my mom and dad) and never will be. I remember the day my mom found out he was seeing someone else, she told him to leave, but the next few days following, she was begging him to come back. And the sad thing was, in my mind, I was begging him to stay away. I wanted him to leave. I didn't want him in our house anymore, and I wanted nothing to do with him because of everything he put us through.

Now, my mom as herself. That is a different story. Yes, my mom is..for lack of a better word..sick. She cannot do much, but she is the greatest mother in the world, in my eyes. To me, she can do no wrong, and she hasn't..not yet. HaHa. We havea great relationship and I am thankful for that.

Huh, now my dad...whoa. Total difference from my mom. He is still pretty "rough around the edges", but luckily he is not physically abusive anymore. I mean, him and the younger kids have a decent relationship, which is good because I would not want them to have the relationship him and I have. He has called me a pill popper, he ignores me, I'm pretty sure he resents me, and everytime we talk it turns into a fight. Even about the smallest things, like directions to the hospital the other day when Tanna almost broke her finger. Me and him have a lot of hostility towards each other. Well, I am hostile towards him anyway. But yet again, what good has he done for me.

But, both of them have tought me life lessons, both good and horrible. I will never judge my kids, or anyone thanks to my mom. I will never get married, thanks to my dad. I will never cheat, thanks to my dad and seeing what it does to a family. I will never allow my children to feel as if they cannot talk to me, thanks to my mom. I will spend time with my kids.

My mom has taught all of the good things to do as you can see, and my dad, is the master teacher of what not to do.

That's my feedback. Love ya.
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