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liz (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-08 at 10:54pm
I've been off the map and for that I apologize. From the reading of previous posts I would assume you're doing better?
It's hard to say with these situations so I am going to throw some more input out there because I can.
First off Patrick Jay French=Great Guy.
the kind of guy who would pretty much do anything you ask him to do. I think that he knows that there are times when he needs to compromise in order to make things work-I would consider this one of those circumstances
Second thought-If this is not your normal reaction to his friendships with women---which if you consider me is a pretty far stretch of the imagination----I'm mean really if you had any girl that you didn't want him to talk to I would be the rational choice with our longevity and whatsuch--
Anyhow being that you are a level headed and understanding woman you asking him to not talk to a girl who has made very clear what her intentions are is not out of bounds.
I suggest sitting down and talking to him about it. If he doesn't get it tell him that I said to shut up and do what you say because if a girl is willing to try to score a relationship with him while she knows he is involved with you than she is a skank. We don't like skanks and we all know that he can't date anyone that I don't approve of anyway.
That last part was mostly more lols
I would say give me a call but my phone is off right now.
Myspace is good though. or here. no matter. Ill try to check them more often.
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