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this-acoustic-love (profile) wrote,
on 03-03-09 at 10:17am
lol, I don't usually watch College basketball, or college anything really, but I've been watching 'cause Thornton is on the team. It's pretty cool to see someone playing who you know.

lol, "I assume it was a pagen sacrifical ritual where a goats blood had been spilled in the hopes someones loved one would return to them." hahahah. Yeah, that would be my first guess ;)

I love street fighter. That was the first game I remember beating my older brothers in when we were young. (Of course I was almost always Chun Li.) However, I've only ever played Street Fighter, and Street Fighter II (the best one, I think). I am afraid to play any others because I don't want the memory of my childhood destroyed with awful updated versions that suck.

Do they stay true to SF and SFII ?
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