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shannonw55 (profile) wrote,
on 05-06-09 at 8:58pm
Me and this guy I've been swing dancing w/ went to Clearwater beach at like 1am with a bunch of friends. We split up and walked past pier 60 where not a lot of people were. Suddenly we see these two guys running toward us. I thought they were running into the ocean or something but then they came right up to us. Honestly, I totally blacked out then... I really don't know exactly what happened after that point. I ran away from them in the opposite direction of Sean (the guy I was w/) and they didn't go after me, but they punched Sean in the throat and ripped his back pants pocket to try to get his wallet. Another guy came running out and chased after Sean too. The fat guy chasing him fell in the sand and Sean got away and met me at the road. I'm really not sure if they were just trying to rob us b/c according to Sean they were yelling stuff like "this is our beach" or something. Florida is fucking ridiculous. The world is fucking ridiculous.
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