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poisonedheart (profile) wrote,
on 05-10-09 at 2:42pm
Well, Jason and I were driving back from Texas, at this point in time we were about 40 miles south of Casper, Wyoming. I was trying to take a light nap because we'd been driving a long time and not sleeping all that much. Then while I was napping the long blank emptiness of the road there lulled Jason into a light sleep, he did the "fall asleep with your eyes open" thing and drifted sideways into the guard rail, the guard rail scraped up the side of the car, then the front end got caught between two posts in the rail, this ripped the big missing chunk out of the driver's side front end, and sent us spinning, the car, with a uhaul trailer attached, did three full 360 degree rotations before coming to a stop with the uhaul trailer behind, on it's side.

Amazingly, neither of us was seriously injured, my wrist is banged up a bit, but that's it.
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