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jessa_lynne (profile) wrote,
on 07-17-09 at 2:29am

So I'm in Michigan and my only internet is from my phone, so I can't get to FB and see if you wrote back, but I assume you didn't.

When did you stop being my friend and start being passive aggressive and judgmental? And what other point can you possibly make? I told you I didn't want to use Andy, nor did I want a professional connection that made our already tenouos friendship more difficult. What more do you want and why do you feel entitled to it? Saying 'oh, I'm just an ass' is a cop-out and frankly, I thought more of you. Next time, call me on the phone and talk to me when you are questioning me. Or, if that seems like too much effort, too nosey, too intrusive, just stay out of it.

This is just uncool of you. I did nothing underhand. I talked to Andy about the site, he agreed, and I started paying for it and the like. Really nothing too dramatic, certainly nothing worth flaming someone you've been friends with for 7 years over.

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