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rorin (profile) wrote,
on 09-01-09 at 1:14pm
Not sure I understood alot of that. But from what I may have understood, you don't think people need to ask questions. Well, I believe they should, as many as possible. Challenging one's faith is the pinnacle of human evolution. To not blindly believe in something just because someone says it's right for you. The problem is, we have no one to ask those questions. Many pastors and priests now are not concerned with clearing up any misconceptions about their religion. They don't seem to want to save any more souls. They want to tell people that their faith is what is most important and how to practice it the right way. To merely be a parent, yelling at their child. I would want to scream screw you to a wall that didn't move or change or bend to understand what I say. That so many people blindly practice and believe is fucking ignorant. Questioning faith is important to the evolution of not only the mind, but the spirit as well. It also makes the religion stronger, I believe.
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