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shroudofrain (profile) wrote,
on 09-01-09 at 8:21pm
First off: No no no no no. You got it all wrong at the start. I love questioning. I said many times, "If you don't understand something, you question," because you get answers. If you question, you admit you don't know all the answers and questioning shows humility, and that's good, but when the questions loose the humility, if the questions loose the rawness of why you should question in the first place and if questions take up this sense of "I want to prove you wrong so much that I will question, not to gain anything, but to try and make you trip up on what you say," then that's not questioning, and that's not right.

Secondly, I agree that questioning faith is important and makes those beliefs stronger and better to survive because they are being put to test and you get to bounce ideas against others.
But like I said, if you're questioning your teacher in school just to be an ass, you aren't benefiting any of your classmates, yourself, or your teacher, and that's what I was ranting about.

Guess I need to word myself a bit better next time.

How are you by the way?
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