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brandyalexander (profile) wrote,
on 01-07-10 at 6:40am
Yeah! Me too! I've missed you! I'm going to keep up with this. Really, this time. ^^

AW! that's so cool! It sucks that it's expired now, though. How much does it cost to renew it?

Lucky. I wish I could go to Berlin. That sounds so awesome. I can say maybe 5-7 German phrases and none of them would ever, EVER help me if I were stranded in Germany.

I can't believe you've already graduated. That's so crazy! I forgot what you majored in. TT_TT I'm sorry. I'm still in school though. It's sucking pretty hard. Just 5 more years and I'll have that stupid masters.

Oh, that's cool! It'll be a lot of fun working with animals. I figure if I don't get a job, I'll just take out a massive amount of student loans and just do a lot of volunteer work.

You know what you should do?! You should take a trip! Or, move to texas. It's kinda the solution I've been giving to everyone who can't seem to find a job.

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