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brandyalexander (profile) wrote,
on 01-08-10 at 7:19am
ugh. That's so lame. I have a solution: Befriend a doctor. Wait, you'd have to take lessons again? You already know how to fly, that's so ridiculous.

I'm trying to get my M class right now and it's super expensive...and it'll take a bunch of time to fix up a nice cafe racer to ride.

Lol. Literature is awesome! I wish I was doing something interesting. I'm still doing Pharmacy. It's such a drag. I mean, sure I'll be making 140K a year fresh out of college, but that doesn't really help me because what I'm studying is pretty much crap and every grad program wants me to be passionate about what I'm studying...but honestly? Anyone and everyone in pharmacy is doing it for the money. lol However, I am minoring in writing. So, we'll see how that goes.

Really?! WHAT?! DO IT. Move to Austin. It'll be more fun being a starving artist here. Let's say 6 months later and you don't have a job then you should come here.

P.S.-speaking of jobs. I just got that job I was talking about. *fists air*

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