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brandyalexander (profile) wrote,
on 05-05-10 at 3:28pm
Love, I'm sorry...I wish i had some good advice to offer you, but anything I say will probably sound too optimistic.

Why don't you just try making some new friends? Most of my friends are guys too but I did recently make a good girlfriend. We haven't known each other long but we hang out and she's been really great about incorporating me in her life. I might be hard and it's hard to find a good friend on the first try, but you should put yourself out there. Try striking up conversation with random people. I'm sure your city has this thing called "super social." It's this thing where a bunch of random people come together to play different sports. Its not serious sports and no ones ever very good so you just have a few beers and spend time together. I dated this guy who got into it when he moved to Austin and he made a lot of new friends that way! I always end up meeting a lot of new people at school, work, or at coffee shops. If you frequent a place, people are bound to talk to you and I'm sure you'll make at least one new friend. <3

If all else fails, I'll take a vacation out to Cali.

Also, I know what you mean about that really close friend of yours. I used to feel that way too because I moved around so much growing up and i never felt completely incorporated in a group of people who've grown up together. I just made an effort to get to know all of them on a personal level and try to take part in the things I couldn't participate in. I know it's harder than it sounds, but give it a shot.

If you need anything, call me, okay? We can chat and talk about plenty of girl stuff!! I'm realizing I never asked you if you had a facebook. If you have one, add me, okay?

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