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goodbye (profile) wrote,
on 05-06-11 at 2:56pm
Your desires don't decide anything. Your desires are just wants you have. If you want a soul mate but settle, that's a choice. If you want to keep learning and continue on with school, that's a choice. And those choices create your future. Those choices force each further second of your life down a particular path you may not have had if you followed your desires or did not choose to follow them.

I don't believe in fate, Patrick, so it's difficult to speak with someone who does. But if you're all about God's plan and believe your desires coincide with that, then your choices will as well. Your free will you believe in causes you to have an infinite amount of choices available. As long as you live within the parameters of your religion, being loving and doing His good work, God will love you either way. You have to make the choice that is right for you. If it ends up hurting someone, but you know it is what is meant to happen, then make it happen. Make the choice.
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