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mochababy49319 (profile) wrote,
on 11-20-11 at 1:21pm
I've been seeing this guy for about 8 months now. Has yet to ask me to be his girlfriend. He tells me when I go out, no guys. If I fuck around with another guy, I can lose his number. If a guy touches me, they're dead. He tells me how much he cares about me and how good I am to him. But, he will not, for the life of him, commit.

Now, I went from seeing him all the time, to seeing him MAYBE once a week. Twice a week if lucky. 5 minutes as I take him to work. He moved from Plainfield to Wyoming and also got a new job. Most of the time he's at work and is also too tired to do anything. Mind you, he also works at a bar and when he gets the kitchen closed, he's usually drinking.

I do really like this guy. I have a lot of feelings for him. But, I finally told him that I hardly see him anymore and it's becoming very unfair to me. He is finally starting to make more time for me. I just had to talk to him.

Anyways, talk to her. Tell her how you feel. I mean, if she can't start making time for you...that's not fair to you. If she does like you and wants to be with you, she will. Why be with someone who won't make time for you? I dunno. I hope this kind of helped..
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