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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 01-19-12 at 3:50pm
Oh hello there! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to reply to my rambling.

I truly appreciate you telling me this story, I imagine that (correct me if I am wrong) but from what you were saying here is that initially when you were "the other woman" you were not in the best frame of mind you did not consider the other person's significant other nor your own feelings fully at the time?

I have been presented with... opportunities in my own past where, if I so chose, I could have been "the other" in a person's relationship but never could bring myself to do it because whilst I was unhappy with my ex-partner I never felt that cheating would justify anything and only cause more friction.

When you say coerced, did someone convince you to be the other woman like it was your only option/choice? Were you single at the time?

I do agree with you completely there I think if two people step into a relationship at different places in their life and wanting entirely different things that relationship is doomed from the get-go. Both people need to want the same thing from a relationship... otherwise what is the point?

I am curious but you might not know this but did the person you played "other woman" to go back to his/her partner and build up trust after confessing to what he did? Or did they both go their separate ways?

If you truly loved someone, like if I truly loved someone, and I was cheated on, I think it would destroy me... I think. I do not know for certain, I just imagine.

Once again, can I thank you for your input, and this has helped me see from another perspective a little clearer.
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