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voidofseattle (profile) wrote,
on 03-05-12 at 12:02pm
Isaiah 45:7 (King James Version)

Yes.. Do thank God. He's done so much for you...

Oh and while you're at it, take a glance around your room and house. If you hold -any- worldy possesions that could be sold as money and donated to the starving poor, than you are no Christian.

You can either walk the path of Christ, or lie to yourself and pretend. Its black or white. When is the last time you rubbed medicine into a dying man's wounds? Or worked your hands to bleeding sores to aid a homeless man?

Never? Huh.. Are you sure you're a Christian? I'm not sure the man who suffered and died in agony for you would agree.

But.. What do you expect from New-Age, faithless sheep? Pretty words and no heart. Its a good day to be an anti-theist.
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