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rayray (profile) wrote,
on 08-17-12 at 1:14pm
I have a feeling that if he were to spend two full days with her, she would nap. Because he would hold her and cuddle her forever until she went to sleep, and it wouldn't be at a specific time. He babies her like crazy. And I am probably making my frustration worse than what it needs to be, but I'm pretty frustrated. And sick of feeling like crap about it. I need to find a hobby, that isn't worrying about my brother, and all the other madness going on around me.

We are all getting out of the house as a family tonight, minus Darielle, because I'm sure she has plans. But we are going bowling with some friends and their kids. I may not be away from her, but I will be with people that enjoy my company, and I enjoy theirs!
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