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spud (profile) wrote,
on 09-25-12 at 5:42pm
a year and a half is a long time. after that long, it's going to come easier than anything else. and you still seem attached to him, and he's obviously still into you. so, maybe this can be the incentive he needs to get his shit together and grow up. or maybe he never will. but the door's not necessarily shut yet. just a wake up call for both parties involved.

complicated rebound guy sounds like a bad job, either way.

being angry, social, antisocial, happy, sad, etc. are all emotions that everyone experiences. best thing to do is strive for a good balance. none of them define who you are as a person, thus they cannot make you a 'bad' person. as long as you're just a person, doing the best they can with what they have, then you can't possibly be an awful human being. it's just the nature of peopledom.

you're gonna feel stuff. that doesn't change. the tricky part is stopping those feelings (largely based on the input of others) from dictating your behavior and perceived self-worth.
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