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goodbye (profile) wrote,
on 06-01-14 at 1:07pm
That might be for the best. When someone is in a serious relationship, regardless of whether you have feelings for them, putting them in the position to choose isn't really fair to them. They perhaps may want your friendship, but they made their forever with this other individual. To take one of those away from them for your own imagined relationship is silly. I've been in the position from a serious relationship standpoint. I always chose the relationship. I have also seen it from "the other woman" standpoint and, again, until they started having problems, he didn't express similar feelings. And I did cause problems between them. I felt despicable for it and in the end, that didn't turn into anything I'd hoped it would.

As far as the universe goes, I don't believe in fate or God's Plan or anything like that. You make your own choices, they lead to happiness or despair. And you continue on. This belief, though straight forward, sucks because everything is your responsibility and your fault. All of your failures are yours and yours alone. You no longer have the crutch that religion allows... unfortunately. And likewise, you never feel like it's "meant to be," it is merely the way things are, as you've made them that way. Not quite as glamorous. But then, when you make the choices that lead to happiness, you made your future happy. So there's that...
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