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liz (profile) wrote,
on 02-10-15 at 12:16am
I suck because I dont feel like I can have a neutral opinion on this. I dont feel that my career has been hindered due to my vagina. Im moderately successful. Extremely when you consider that I lack a college degree in a career where most of my peers at least hold bachelors. That aside I come home every day and make dinner. On my off days I clean Steves house and do his laundry. I take immense pride In maintaining my career and being a great "housewife" frankly I cant wait to add a couple cubs to the mix. but it needs to be said that im lucky because steve can see when im stressed and he will take over if I need him to without being asked. This comment was wholly unnecessary and I dont think all women need to be this way. Everyone should feel comfortable living their lives the way they want and its still a mans world. I just happen to be a minority that is okay with that.
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