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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 04-18-03 at 8:58pm
Kate I'm sorry. That was one entry I never did read. That is why the warning went unheded. I understand now about Brianna, but me being nice and open and me being a flirt is a bit different. I'm sorry I hurt Brianna. I really am. And you really have no idea how much pain and stress and torture these past weeks have been. I hate the thought of losing your friendship, I really do. But I feel as if you've totally turned your back on me. I haven't tried to talk to you or anything because I couldn't stand it. Today because of everything that's been going on... I almost couldn't stop crying. And I've been crying so much lately and it's not like me. I really regret hurting you and her because it pretty much ended our friendship. I'm sorry Kate. I really am.*bows head and backs off* I'll leave you Shina to decide my fate. Kill the feelings now or accept me. I'll try to be a "better person/christian" but maybe that will change who you liked in the first place and we'd be stuck in square one. your move....
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