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starstruck (profile) wrote,
on 04-29-03 at 10:40am
Wow that's gotta be a lil overwhelming hun. As much as you're not enjoying it, be somewhat thankful for the "non-feeliness", I knew I'd miss it when it was finally gone. I'm pretty happy right now, but I haven't been for much of the time that my emotions have been back for. I'm very glad you told Ray how you're feeling, I knew he'd at least listen to you. I'm here to talk too, I'll be on msn tonight if you need someome cuz I know that sometimes its gotta be a gurl and even better one you don't personally know. The early reference to a knife worried me too, not sure how real that is, but its kinda coincidental that I do the same just hours b4 I read this. I didn't actually try sumthin not to worry bout me guys, but I had one out for no apparent reason and of course that stuff is gonna cross my mind. Remember that you do like what you have Rachel and it'll always help you to feel happy. You may not have it all forever, but live in the present as we all havta try to do. (Hard for me since I much prefer what will be in the future, but even I must try.) Wow I have nuthin to do this entire period...But I'll get going now anyway, maybe my teacher will mark that animation I was talkin bout a couple weeks ago. Luv ya hun, just keep on with what lil happiness you can find *hugz*.
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