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threshershark (profile) wrote,
on 05-03-03 at 11:06am
Okay this talking in song lyrics is getting confusing. What? The cookies weren't really there? How sad. I know I'd cry if my cookies weren't real. I mean if they weren't real, how could you eat them? I like eating. But I don't have to worry I guess because all my cookies have come in material form. Mmm, I like chocolate chip the best. No wait, Mint chocolate chip. Mmmmm... I don't like them fresh out of the oven, though, because then the chocolate all mushy and I get it all over my face and my mom's like, "Kyle, wipe off your hands before you even think of touching anything!" and then as I walk to the bathroom i forget and rub my hands down the hall as I go down there so there's big streaks and Then my mom finds it and she's mad and i gotta clean it up and then pick up my underwear where I left it in the livingroom floor. But I'm getting better last time I remembered to wash my hands but not my face and I went outside and talked to the neighbors and my face was all smeared up with mint chocolate, I wondered why everything smelled like lysterine outside... anyway I hope whoever wrote this lyrics feels better, i forget cause i'm posting off of Kristy's comment and it only shows her. iBuenos Mediodi`a!
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