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Holiday (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2002 at 12:47am
I can't wait till Valentines Day! I usually spend it with my friends or whomever crosses my path that day. But this year-I've got someone to spend it with. Either way is good. I was looking forward to doing swirl, i had my dress and everything, but now I'm not going because I thought that now that I have someone to spend it with and if he doesn't want to go, then I shouldn't leave him alone on V-day either. So, like in health when we were talking about sacrafices in relatiionships, I guess this is one.
I love him... So now I know you can never be too young, or too old. There is fish for everybody (in the sea) people just need to go that extra mile sometimes to catch that someone.
Oh well, if that didn't make sense, it's cuz I made it up! ;)
But there are other fish in the sea.

Not for me though, this is one that I'm gonna keep.
I'm babblin' so if i don't make sense to you oh well, you don't have to read this crazy person!
But anyways, I wish all of you a happ V-day whether you spend it alone, with friends, or with that *special* fish! hahaha...

I'm am gonna go now.
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you and andy, 02-12-02 3:05pm

hil, your relationship should be 50/50. I don't ever see andy sacrificing anything to hang out with you the way that you dofor him. if you want to go to swirl then you should go and andy should go to if it makes him mad that your not spending v day with two should work this out on your own though.

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Re: you and andy, 02-21-02 7:36pm

yeah, but I can't do anything about that now.

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