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daisymae (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2003 at 8:44am
Current mood: Fragile
Music: Paper Heart - All American Rejects
Subject: Everyone
This goes out to everyone that's ever tried to help saying they care to just opening a door for me. If people ever realized how much i depend on you it would floor them. I depend on all my freinds for comfort, strangers for small acts of kindness, family for love. I just feel that i ask so much and get so much in return that its all a dream. The real world can't be like this, that people care. To response to what everyone commented yesterday thank you so much for caring and actually putting it into words. That meant so much to me even though it was just a small gesture. I've just been kinda depressed lately and everthing sets me off, i dunno why but its been goin on for a while now. Thank you to everyone...for saying you love me even if I don't know if im ready to reply, to saying you care even if i might've liked you boyfreind, everyone. I just hope all you guys know how much i care for you and that without you my world would be and dark and dreary as it sometiems can be. Brian-I don't know if im ready to love anyone, but if i am i hope it would be you. I know this sucks for you but, im sorry for being so undecicive.
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yer my wise owl!!, 06-06-03 4:37pm

hey emily, u are my wise owl and I LUV YA! dont ever 4get!i cant wait till morgan's party! well, i will see u there 2morrow! <33 ya *slider*

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