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megan_16 (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2003 at 3:16pm
Current mood: curious
Music: Bruce said checkers
Subject: I wonder
Why are guys jerks? I just do not understand it. . . when you tell a guy "no" it means NO . . .when you tell a guy to leave it means go away. but do they ever really stop or go away when you tell them to. . .NOO cuz they are JERKS ! ! ! WHY?
Oh well I guess not alll guys are jerks because cail is a great guy and my brother is awsome. phillip (my pal) he is a good guy and . . . oh yea my grandpa. those are the only guys I know that are pretty good slash decent guys. other then them . . . the rest are jerks. OH wait gunny is cool too. yea so that is 5 guys that are awsome. . WOW ! ! ! Amazing. Can ANYONE tell me why guyz are sooo mean and rude and why they just do not get it? Because I dont get it. and I would like to know. Lata ~ Me
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..., 06-14-03 3:32pm

thnx. :)

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06-14-03 3:56pm

so i'm a jerk?

you make me sad



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