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Iron-Cipher (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2003 at 10:45pm
Music: Not a secret - toby mac
Subject: Victim of Humanity

It's quite scary to think about all the victims of humanity, when you think about the spirtual hollicoust going on inside the youth of society, and heck through everyone.

everyone is so offended by the persectution committed by the Nazis in WWII but what they don't relieze is that they take part in a hollicoust all there life. Starving for affection, and love, and attention, but they don't realieze it trying to fill it with the latest satisfaction garenteed product.

People suffer from missing words. Thing that they want to hear so desperatly, wether it be i love you, or I trust you, or even here I am, but they starve from never hearing it. Each person is different, but they all are waiting to here something from somebody they care about.

So people all around the world are constantly starving and being persecuted, used, and worked to death. In the Nazis death camp they broke the bodies, but the heart was still there, now the heart is slowly hardening up and people are becoming unsensitive to anyting, and dying from the inside out.

the question is this are you going to join the rest of society or start to change peoples life one at a time, under ground rail road, whatever you want to call it, they are all the same

the right thing to do

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06-18-03 11:46am

That's sweet, Nick.

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06-18-03 1:08pm

very sweet.

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07-07-03 2:36am

wow nick .good thought. i completely agree. but you think too much. ;) jk.

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