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kate (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2003 at 3:16am
Music: Clutch - Immortal
Subject: Down, down, tryin' to drag me down
There's no way around it
I'll just have to wait
I'm going to stare
Watching for fate

bubble gum and candy
childhood games
distant memories
faces with no names

3:16 in the morning
all to do is think
sitting in my chair
letting my mind sink

i love the rain
and the pink roses
i love how i hate
all your fake poses

I need that memory
heh, I'm running out
now I'm rambling
without a doubt

I'm rhyming like an idiot
because I'm here
so you get to read this
have fun, my dear :)

heheh, this is starting to suck
I've stopped trying
Almost a bad feeling
Can't even begin crying

Once you stop trying
lose all motivation
you're just lost and alone
and past desperation

man, I need to stop
I'm gonna keep sitting here though
I think Joe fell asleep
what to do... I really don't know
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heh, 06-20-03 12:15pm

Yes, unfortunately, I fell asleep.

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06-20-03 12:42pm

if thats how you write sleepy you should try doing it during the day *winky face*

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06-20-03 1:45pm

Your a very good writer...even when your sleepy. :) Love you.

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Re:, 06-20-03 1:56pm


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Re: Re:, 06-20-03 8:22pm


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