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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2003 at 11:52pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: mushroomhead....whatever song that was playing int he sk8 park
Subject: today was the best day ever was the best dayy EVER for so many reasons!i found out that ray was grounded this entire time..i feel so bad for judging him like that but im SO glad i didnt break up with him. i love him so much! aww =) hehe...but he came over today with lev when me and sam got back from 711 and i was so happy to see him! i jumped on him and squeezed the life out of him and he told me that he missed me so much and that he hates his how sweet? lol. then i was sitting on rays lap when jessica hintz and this girl amanda who used to live in my hood were walking down the street and ray was loike omg hide me..and then he was like whos that ugly chick with the square head walking with the bitch? square head being i was like well thats this girl amanda and he was like ::hides behind me:: then wen they walked by he yelled BITCH! and jessie whipped around and was like "ehhhhh" and he goes yeah suck it! ::laughs:: was great cus i cant stand her... well anyway, me and lev and ray walked around the block for a while and then went to matts house and "tony hawk" aka matt because he really has no skate boarding skills whatsoever..lolz i love you matty matty matt! lol...we were chillin and stuff and i was just so happy to be around ray..we went into matts room and chilled and i went on matts computer and ray put matts python around was awesome. then ray mooned matt and lev . the lev has awesome hair, lol. he has a big russian fro. lol. sorry i just had to add that in there. plus hes a russian jew so its all gravy baby. lol. interesting. well anyway then we went back outside for a whiel and then ray walked me back to my house. i went in and took a shower and got ready for the skate park..then i thought i wasnt gonna be able to go afterall because i didnt have a ride but my moms friend eva came in at the last minute and she took me up there! thanks eva! hehe. well i met up with ray and lev there and while ray was skating me and lev were talking about stuff. hes a pretty cool person and i remember him from 6th grade bein all boybandish well lev left eventually and me and ray chilled on the couch thing in the back of the skate park..we were watching joey and danny for a while but joey took a spill so they all went back into the skate it was just me and ray..ray moved the couch thingy and we were just talking and i asked him abotu all of the cheating stuff and his little reputation. he explained everything and i feel so much better that i went to him and discussed it and i didnt just blow it off and ignore everything..and then..stuff then we went back into the skatepark and i watched him skate and whoop everyones ass. god he was so awesome. i luv it. me and joey were makin fun of this other kid danny cus every time he would miss a trick hed throw his board...ray demolished his own the night ended just as perfect as it had began because guess what! i was with ray. he was so cute because he was walkin away smoking and i was like youre gonna die..and he goes yeah but at least ill die loving you..::melts:: lol. like i said..tonight was awesome and i wouldnt take it back for anything in the world. you mean so much to me ray, i love you baby! =) --Stephanie
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