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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2003 at 11:03am
Current mood: chipper
Music: bon jo vi-it's my life
Subject: bookasa!
good morning ppl! how eesh awl oof thee thish mornin? peachy i presume? yesh yesh of course..same babysittinh for mes lil sister right nows whiles mes mum ish out at breakfast wiff her friend eva. the one who drove me to de sk8 park lass nite)) hehe. i hope i can go again tonight! :;smiles at ray ray:: ...aww. =) ! wellz im talkin to eddie right now about his lil birthday get together on july 6th..weee. youd be crazy if you thought i wasnt going!! eddies muh lil buhdee! ::hugs him SO hahd:: lolz. aww i luv dat kid. =) whoa the happiness ish getting to me, lol. ::hops around the house listening to 80's music:: why? BECAUSE I CAN! ....and i feel bad for it happening on a couch. lol erin. whoop whoop!! well lets see i really hope erin can come down on saturday because i wuv her so much! aww! henpie! ::clings to her leg:: ray misses you too hen! but oof carse yous already know that! and hoolays! and dannay boya!..yesh yesh all of dem indeedy. and you must not forget de eenerbeanz cus shes more awesome then cow dung! bwee! i dont know where dat came from..but its all fancy in YOH ask. i miss ray..but i know ill prolly see him later on tonight so its all gravy..bleh i hope soz...erin best be able to come over this weekend or ill cry SO hard. lol. well..maybe ill cry..aww..::looks at hen:: ::cries so hard:: i wuv you henpie! mwahz! wellz thats it you lil chicken shits! im owt! -Stephanie

so youve decided to kill yourself...

lol sry i had to.
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