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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2003 at 5:17pm
Music: slipknot-iowa
Subject: ..yeah....
hi....fucking bored and tired. well yesterday me and erin met up with ray at the skate park and huung out there for a while with him,danny,renee, and jules. ray got me pissed off because he went away to buy ciggys. then i thought everything was aklright but he got mad at me or something for some odd reason and we didnt really talk most of the night. he was going to walk home with us but he disappeared. he said tht he sawus walking home but he figured wed come back so he didnt do anything. he ended up getting a ride home afterall. then this morning he came over and we just talked on my front porch and tried to drag erin out of the house. he gave me a massage and stuff and that was really nicec then i gave him a massage and punched him in the back a bunch of times..also i grabbed his ass and shit and he was yellin "abuse!" but it was still pretty funny. well me and eirn were gonna go up to mc donalds but hen doesnt feel like going anywhere and 1) i dont wanna leave her here alone with my sister and my demented sister and 2) i dont feel like going up there alone. my mom is being a bitch and she wont even let ray come over for a little while. ugh. now i gotta get ahold of ivan and tell him not to come over tonight because we wont be going to the skate park afterall. my sister is being really annoying. bleh as if theres any change in that factor. well im out for now . bye.
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