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wafflehouse (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2003 at 2:37am
Music: Pro-pain - In for the Kill
Subject: oi vey...
ya's sad when you vent to the person that is part of the reason you are venting. not saying it's their fault in any sort of way. but says a lot when the only person you're comfortable in venting to is the one you're venting about...ya know?? i know you do...sorry...forget about your life.
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who are you?, 07-05-03 5:38pm

searching for the Detroit band Wafflehouse's website I came across this one. Are you the Sean from Wafflehouse?

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Re: who are you?, 07-06-03 1:59pm of course you're a pretty lady...then yes...i am...

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