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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2003 at 9:59pm
Current mood: nerdy
Music: manson-use your fist and not your mouth
Subject: boredness my friend..sheer, boredness.
today i didnt really do much of anything except wake up and do shit around the house since my mom and my grandma took my sister to the mall at like 12 in the afternoon. me and sam walked up to 711 and then we hung out at my place for a while. my mom bitched at me about some more shit because shes just annoying like that sometimes...but seriously it was for some really retarded crap. oh well. then me and sam started watching the movie psycho...but then her sister ashley came over and told sam that she had to go home and help their dad take out the kitchen sink. oh what fun. well then i just finished up the movie by myself (i still like the original one much better)...then i went on the computer while my mother and my sister went swimming for a while. i talked to ray on the phone for a while..his brother kept on taking the phone from him and trying to act like ray..what a douche. i really dont care for his brother and i told ray im gonna kick his brothers ass. ray was pretty amused by that. well anyway a few hours went by and i tried to call ray back again because i got really bored but his mommy said that he was outside....bleh! so i havent seen him all day and that really blows monkey nuts because i miss him a whole lot. yup yup. i havent talked to zane since i last posted in here about what we talked about. i dont know if thats good or bad but i guess its fancy that were back on "okay" terms for right now. i really dont need all of the drama starting up back in my life again..had enough of that already and im just ready to move on with everything and see another day without all of it. hmm..i cant wait until july 22! this show "nip, tuck" is going to be premeiring on FX....that looks so awesome...i cant wait! i wanna see it really bad...the only creepy part in the commercial was all of the blood and this guy screwing this chick in the ass...yeah that was gross. but oh well. the show still looks really appealing to me. i like the lead actor in it alot because he used to play Cole on this show charmed that i used to watch all of the time until it just started getting really gay. heh. anyway hes damn sexy so it had to be a good show. plus all of the blood and gore...yummy. nobody appreciated that kind of stuff more than me. for thsoe of you who have no idea what the hell im talking abbout its this show about these horrible plastic surgeons who end up destroying the people when they perform surgery on them..its really awesome. heh. kinda makes you feel discouraged though in case you were planning on getting any type of body alterations done to you. since there really are some people out in the world who are crazy enough to think that they can get away with doing shit like that to other people. but its all gravy because i dont plan on getting anything like that done...YET...::props up boobs:: ...anywayz, jeremy just imed me and i really dont have anything more to say in here soz imma go chill and try to see when lev gets back so i can bother him about if hes seen ray today! fun stuff boys and, peace, nd chicken grease! tata! -Stephie
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