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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2003 at 11:00pm
Current mood: loved
Music: metallica-enter sandman
Subject: whoop whoop! happy crappy 4th of july yall!..i hate america. x.x
welll hey there people! today was really awesome. besides the fact that i HATE the 4th of july..too much fireworks and i can hardly get some sleep. but i promised myself that i would try to get to bed early as soon as im done updating this thingy i think imma turn in for the night..(yeah right) well this morning i did absolutely nothing except watch tv..then ray called and he said he was coming over around like 2:30....then i got off the fone with him. my mom said that i had to go to the store with my dad to pick up sum shyt. i saw lev there and he was buying fireoworks.....then we went shopping..i came back and it was like 3:30 or summin like that and ray still hadnt come by...then he comes to my door around like 4 and he told me that he was late because he was busy trying to get his little brother to bed....the same lil brother he beat the crap out of when he was on the phone with me a while b4 well we hung out on the front porch for a while..made out and wutnot and mes mum bursted out the door and commented on that of trashy it looked when we were makin out on the front porch. well hello there but nobody was outside. anyway moving then ray went to the skate park. i went back inside. my mom went on about how much of a whore i supposedly am. im a whore because i make out with my boyfriend right? thats really retarded...bleh. forget her. anyways, i really didnt wanna be in the house that long after all of that because she wouldnt let it go. so i called and her went to 711 to get slurpees...then we headed for the skate park. on the way to the skate park we saw sams friend erin in the parking lot and she came over and talked to us for a while about her new job at the oasis cafe..pretty fancy indeed. well then all 3 of us headed into the skate park..just to find out that ray wasnt there! so i got a lil peeved. we all just sat there and talked until about 7, which was when we had to leave cus the skate park was closing early today. well me and sam said bye to erin and we started walking home..yous wouldnt believe it..but when we were just about to cross the street i see ray crossing the street from in front of amaco! bah, i was so happy. then he came over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and me sam and him sat on the curb and talked while he cmoked a ciggy. he said that he was at the sk8 park earlier but his mum picked him up to come home and watch his lil bro for a while..oh well i was juss happy to see him again =) ,...newayz, we went to mc donalds and threw ice cubes at eachother...and then i went into the ladies bathroom and when i was in the stall ray came crashing through the door and chucked more ice at me! evil evil child..buh iy wuv him..then we walked around in the parking lot and ray trashed a shopping cart like 3 times..funny shyt..then me and ray walked sammy home. after that me and ray headed back up to the skate park and went over to the little chill spot. fun stuff. after that we just sat on the lil couch thing and watched as the first fireworks of the afternoon were lit off..heh. then we got up to leave. we were walking out when all of a sudden we hear screaming. we looked all around but we didnt know where it was coming from. then we see like 8 employees from the oasis cafe come out..and we look over and theres some crazy heavy-set spanish lady screaming in spanish and walking around in circles..going completely mad! it was crazy...funny at first...but then the manager of the oasis cafe came out and started watching her...a car pulled out of the mc donalds drive thru..and she just walked up to the car and started banging on the window furiously..and she started punching herself in the head and screaming some more...she just kept doing that! then the manager rushed over and was alll "excuse me maam you cant be doing this"..i was really scared cus ive never seen somebody just flip out like that right in front of me before..and we were really i just kinda stood behind ray and he had his arms around me...then ray and i walked over to the manager as the lady got into that car she was banging on...we asked what had happened and he told us that it was something about the lady really having some mental problems..(like we couldnt already tell!)...and her husband left her in the bathroom and drove away without her..interesting..oh well i dont get it. well, ray walked me home and we had one of those "i love you" ..."no u dont"..."yes i do!".."well i love you too!".."no i love you more"..kinds of know...where its only to amuse yourself and accomplish absoolutely nothing but an excuse to sit and hang out a little while longer. well we shared our goodbyes and then he started walking to levs house. i came in and was immediately yelled at for ""being home late"/...bleh w.e....then the whole "slut...whore..."skate slut" comments from my mom started up again. she really had her own ways of making you feel shitty about yourself you know? after that i just got fed up and went into my room and listened to my headphones..then i went outside for like 3 minutes..then i came back in and erin called..i talked to her for like a half hour..and then i went back in my room..tried to fall asleep and watched tv..and now im here! bookasa! well ivan prolly thinks im ignoring him or summthin soz imma go and entertain him. love ya guys! byebyes! -Stephie

I <3 u Ray!!!!!! =) =P
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