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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2003 at 4:09pm
Music: panthers-sexist not sexy
Hey...been trying to meet you.

Description of the past week begins now. Went to Orlando, visited UCF(pleasant surprise), slept with 43 year old, learned of my dad's almost 20-year crush on Ally Sheedy, went to virgin megastore. Bought a shitload of cd's, including such winners as:
GYBE!-Lift your skinny fist like antennas to heaven
Panthers-Let's get serious
Dismemberment plan-is terrified
Sonic Youth-daydream nation
1 mile north-minor shadows

All very good albums, save for Grandaddy's, where most of the songs sounded the same. I'm aware that all of the above information was useless to your lives. Of course, most people are useless already.

Anyways, the last week I've been working at Sandoway alot, and hanging with Noah and the Kerr family. It's been nice spending time with the "Adastra crew" like it was earlier this year. 80's bands, fat and worthless jokes towards me, and a lot of andrew's bare thats what summer's about. July 4th was nice at the kerrs. I wish I had been friends with Tucker sooner, he's an enjoyable guy to be around.

So summer is treating me well right now, which is all i can ask for i guess. Have a ball ladies and gentlemen.
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07-05-03 8:34pm

and may i ask why i wasn't invited?

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