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confused+abused (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2003 at 6:50pm
Im sure that no one really cares about my journal at all... i dont' update that often but we as in me and April had the wierdest most scary best night ever!

It starts when my parents leave and we are hanging out here waiting for 6 to roll along so we can go skating up at Skate Estate... we go get Brandie head up there and realize hell there's no one coming! So we left and seen Cody on the way back... and he says we should all hang out! We were like later if you find another hot guy for us! So he decides that his cousin is free... AND HE IS HOT but we have to wait until like 4 in the morning till we all can hang out so we decided to hang out at my house since my parents are in Ohio no one will be home my brother is at a bachelor party! We're waiting for 4 Kal says he has beer so of course we will wait for him right??? We slowly drift to sleep when Cody hears someone in the garage... and books out the back door and we were like shit now he has to walk home... (we haven't heard from him since) So my brother is home and Bobbie calls and tells me to come and get my stuff it's like 3:30 in the morning! (Everything I owned was over there because I practically lived with her)!!!So even though April can't be out past midnight we went!!! And go figure just our luck we get pulled over by an officer... we told him the truth and he let us off! I was so fucking scared I mean every other time I get pulled over with people it's for speeding or something of the sort not something that April could have got her liscence taken away... The officer took like 20 minutes talking to us about these girls who supposibly called the cops on my brother... I really thought we would get in trouble when he found out that I was Chris' sister! Yikes!~!. Right when the cop walked away it was 4:20 lol hehehe... thats the second time that time showed up after being pulled over for me lol! By the way the only reason Cody ran was because he was 20 macking on a 16 year old lol...!~! Yeah go April yay!~! Anyways... that was our night exept it was more spectacular then it seems... and then tonight I think we all four are going to hang out since my parents aren't coming home anytime soon!

Oh which reminds me Shawn keeps asking about me and asking Bobbie when we can hang out... I REALLY REALLY WANT TO! Nobody even knows what this feeling is like!
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