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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2003 at 2:30am
Music: blood brothers-american vultures
"There is nothing left to say that has not been said."

I heard this in Trail of Dead's song "Mistakes and Regrets." But the fact is, this has been said before it was said by Trail of Dead. And was probably said before that, and will be said after I say it. It seems like my life as of now can be summed up in that one line. It has become the saying that I hold next to my heart the most now, right above "What's the point?"

Everything that I could write about has been written about before; different characters, same story. This holds true for everything; my life, my writings. There is no new ground to break, only different ways to traverse it.

And all the great artists, writers, musicians had to accept this fact. Trail of Dead did, and still wrote a song that I could relate to, even though what it was saying had already been said. Maybe I need to just succomb to this fact and go with it. But I just can't yet.

All that has gone on in this journal of mine, has happenend to someone else, with different circumstances and different names. This could be the wrong idea or attitude, but I think it's the truth. The whole world seems to abide to this aformentioned saying.

Record reviews always compare the reviewed record to another one from the past, noting how it sounds like some other band or artist. People leave movies and talk about how the writing was very "Lynch-esque," or how the score was quite "Capra-like." Humans don't like the word "new", they want everything to be familiar, to be cozy. "Oh man, that new Interpol record is such a throwback to the early 80's art-rock scene. The vocalist sings like the guy from Joy Division. And the guitars are very Mission of Burma-sounding." How many reviews of records, books, movies etc. sound like that?

Everything that I have said this entry has also been said before by someone else. And one day I will have to come to terms with that.
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you write??? since when?

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