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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2003 at 11:27am
Current mood: sore
Music: Staind-How about you?
Subject: eddies party yesterday..and more fun things along the way
alright, well yesterday was eddies birthday stuff. kathy and her mum picked me and renee up and she drove us all to the sawgrass mall. we met up with eddie and everyone at his party in front of the cheesecake factory in the oasis. well..eating stuff went on there and renee tried to shove a breadstick in my damn nose and before that even happened she was trying to feed it to me. so were a few others. interesting..but i dont eat that often so it really annoyed me. then renee performed deep throat on a celery stick...even more interesting. then alot of eating went on...eddie opened his presents...mine was 20 bux and a card. whoop. well after that we all went to see the movie 28 days later. it wasnt the best movie in the world but it was alright..lots of gore and i love that kind of stuff so its all good. me and renee kept waiting for the two main characters to get it on but that never happened so it was kinda disappointing. heh. yeah were weirdos..go ahead..say it. after the movie we all went to gameworks and just chilled and watched these kids on this lil dance thing...they were really corny. lol. then i went with renee outside and called ray up to see if there was any way to get him to the mall because i really missed him. well i should have known, but he wasnt home. no surprise there i suppose. so its basicly been almost 3 days now that i havnt talked to him or anything...i still have the rest of today though to try to get ahold of him after im done babysitting my little sister. yup yup. after gameworks we all just walked around the mall and went into the infamous bookstore where i was molested by renee and kathy. lol. go figure. =/ on the damn floor too! thennnnn....we went to the food court and i got some oriental food..yummy my favorite ::licks lips:: ...after that we all went back out into the oasis because the mall was closing early since it was sunday and all..and guess who we saw! johnnay boya! jeremy! danny! lev! whooOop!!!!!! i hardly ever get to see jeremy and john so i decided to stay with them at the mall since i can see eddie alot more. i didnt think that eddie would mind because he could still hang out with kathy and michael back at his place and it might have even been easier on his parental units to not ahve the house filled with bitchy children..yupyup. what i dont get is that later on renee told me that not going to eddies house and staying at the mall with jeremy john danny and lev was "dirty" but uh..SHE stayed there too with me and she didnt have to because she would have gotten a ride home with kathy like she did that irked me alot...whatever. she was kinda quiet for the rest of the night. and john split two cherry cokes and i stole dannys coke a few times too cus im juss fancy like that. wee. then danny and lev left and went to the oasis entrance..then renee went to go wait for her mom to come pick her up and me and john and jeremy followed her to the entrance where we met up again with danny and lev. there was just alot of hugging and dryhumping and i felt really bad at the end of the night because my ray wasnt there...i wonder if lev and danny are gonna tell on me...i dont feel THAT horrible because i dont think that ray would have cared cus he knows that i really love him and john and i were just messing around because were just good friends. theres nothing else between us and john even has a girlfriend who hes been with a while now..and hes really loyal to her as well. but im going to just tell ray all that happened at the mall and if he sounds disappointed about it then it just wont happen again and thats all there is to it cus i dont wanna screw up anything that we have together..i have to talk to him anyway. john said that if ray got upset about it that he would talk to him for me and explain that there wasnt anything of a big deal going on anyway. its not like we kissed or did anything flirtatiously that we actually meant. i didnt at least and i know that johns better than that. but well just see what happens. wow i say that alot dont i? lol. oh well, anyway me john and jeremy met this brazilian guy up there and hes pretty fancy. were gonna meet him up there next friday when we all go. fun stuff! =) then jeremy left to get a soda or something...and johns mom showed up to pick us up and we couldnt find jeremy. it was already like 10 fifty something so i was gonna be late coming home..john called jeremys cell and eventually we got him in the car. they dropped me off and i came in and got yelled at but it wasnt that bad. i just have to babysit today and then its made up for so its all good. i talked to my mom about going to johns party because his birthday is july 20th...damnit! i have no idea what to get him..::bites nails::..well i must talk to him about it ppl well im gonna go babysit my sister and try to get ahold of ray if hes not sleeping still! [which he prolly is cus hes a bum ..buh dass okee cus hes MI bum =) ]...later ppl! -Stephanie
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