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lp13a13ex54x (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2003 at 1:44pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: *Taking back Sunday*There's no I in Team*
Subject: kinda teary...a little depressed...remotely calm...really disappointed
yeah,..well i havnt talked to ray since that night that he came over...and this morning when i called his house nobody answered the damn phone. so yeah im giving up on him until he decides to come around...if he doesnt i guess he just doesnt. i guess im doing a little better. i went to the skate park for a while with lev yesterday and then lev walked me home around like 4 something. bah everything ish so confusing...oh gonna go ahead and say somethin to renee in here since i didnt reply to her comment that she gave me in my journal a few entries a while ago. so i believe she deserves this much...thanks renee..::hugs back::...all i need is support from you guys and im actually beginning to believe that ill be alright. maybe...maybe not. like i always say, well see. lol. at least im good at that. i hope things with you and jay work out so at least one of us can hold a decent relationship..not that me and rays wasnt ;) well anyway, i talked to zane online for like 8 million hours last night...until like 4 something in the morning..yeah interesting. *hugs em* ...well right now im talking to saira and stuff. i dunno what im gonna do today, theres like...nothing to ill prolly just end up going up to 711 with sam or the skate park later on with lev if hell have my company...he better! lol jp lev i love ya kiddo. hes really easy to talk to and stuff seriously, and he made me feel alot better about the ray stuff thats going on..i think thats the only reason i made it through last night without spazzing out. lol. alrighty well im gonna go..ill update later on if i get around to it..most likely i will being that i have no life and whatnot =) i feel like going to the mall or going to erins house..i need to get out of here =( well ttyl! love you guys, Stephanie
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