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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2003 at 12:21am
Current mood: happy
Subject: hahaha. My wonderful night!!!!!
I had the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!
Tonight a gang of us all went to the Boy Sets Fire concert. It was supposed to be in the Rosa Parks Circle but twas rained out. So it was moved to The Intersection, which was good. It was awesome. Awesome Awesome Awesome. That's not even the end of it.
I wanted my cd signed. haha. :-) So I went back to Robby's car to get it. Casey came with me to walk back to get it signed. But the bouncer wouldn't let anyone go back in, so I just told this lady all I wanted was to get the thing signed, so she told the guy and the guy told me that they would probably be out with the press. So we snuck out this door, and looked to our right, sure enough, big yellow rope blocking a crowd of fans. And we were on the other side!!! We ran into 2 other guys heading toward the crowd and asked them if there was any possible way to meet them, they told us that no one would stop us. So we went. We went up to their tour bus and I asked this guy (we'd later find out his name was Alex), we asked him if we could get it signed and he said sure, but everyone on the bus is naked. so the driver gets out and talks to us and he's really fucking awesome. First they send out Josh and he's really nice. Then later on he asked us if we wanted to get on the bus and hang out. So we got on and the Alex guy got on and everyone was sitting down and I talked to Nate, the lead vocalist, and he was really nice too. He kept that John Deer hat someone gave to him. haha.
:-) :-)
And after that, the Alex guy told us he was having a party at his house and the band was going to be there, he told us directions and stuff and said that we'd better show up.
So we ran back to the car but stopped to talk to these other guys too. They were really friendly. haha

We told Jess and Robby about it, but we were way too hungry first so we ran to BK and hung out there for a while. Then later on we went to the green house. We got inside and this awesome awesome guy named Garrett was there, and everyone was really friendly, (they did have a keg) so yeah, everyone was really friendly. hahaha.
None of us drank though. I met a lot of people tonight. We were all sitting in this circle and Nate was telling us his funny stories of how he walked in on the bus while Rob was jerking off. hahaha.
I don't know if i should've said that but oh well. After this other guy gave us the grand tour of the house, we ran into Alex again upstairs. hehehe. he's funny. He's so nice. Went back downstairs and the guy showed us the rest of the house. He had a really cool mohawk. We sat back down on the couch and I swiped a pair of purple aviator glasses. This guy named Drew sat down too and he was...well...he said I could have those glasses. They had cats running around all over the place and this one guy had a squirt gun. The guy who showed us around the house tried jumping over our couch, because it was blocking the entrance, and all of a sudden WAM he hit his head on the ceiling and fell. RIGHT ON MY FOOT! . . . and spilt Drew's cup all over me...eck. My shoe was covered in beer and my foot hurt too. Oh well. Anyway, the rest of the band hadn't showed up yet and we had to leave, sadly. But we're going to visit them again. It was so cool. Drew held my hand and I forgot I was still wearing those glasses. Hahaha. They were broken too! hahaha. Oh well. I had a lot of fun tonight and meeting the band was really awesome.
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