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Shinigami (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2003 at 12:00am
Current mood: sad
Subject: Miss you all!
Hey all. I just made my first sushi, and I have no idea if it turned out well until I try it. It was fun, I got some pictures of it and all. So how is everyone doing? I hope things with you guys are well. I'm sorry I can't make it to your bonfire Kyle; I would if I could, but you know....

Gosh I miss you all so much. I feel like such and outcast here. Really I do. I don't really know why, but it might have to do with people making best friends on the first day and I still don't have a regular person to hang with. Other than my room mate. She and I have gotten along well, and it's not bad with her, but she's really different than I am and if she would ever go to Rockford I wouldn't be friends with her. She's just in a different "group" than I am. But one the plus side there are some really pretty Asian girls and cute guys here. But I still don't think they're my type. I don't think I have a type come to think of it. Oh well, whatever. But it's lunch time and the other people in Japanese all wanted to eat our sushi at the same table. Updates later.
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07-11-03 12:15pm

Yeah, I know you would Jackie. I miss you too. We all do. Don't worry, this isn't the last one, I'll throw one for a going back to school/ end of summer thing. Have fun, and remember people don't have to be your type to be your friends. Most of them are just putting up facades anyway.

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Re:, 07-11-03 1:31pm

Pretty asian girls, and sushi eh? Hmmm...
sounds kind of like my version of heaven...

Anyways, don't worry about people being different. I have quite a few friends that seem to be my exact opposite, but who I get along with very well.

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07-11-03 2:15pm

oo pretty Asian girls! Wish I was there.

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Re:, 07-11-03 4:24pm

well i better not introduce you to my friends back home

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07-11-03 10:30pm

*hugs Jackie*

I know how you feel. But, eventually, it gets better. Just lean on God because He is the only One who will always be your friend.

(I know I sound corny and you're probably rolling your eyes, but it took me almost three weeks now to figure that one out.)

And Jackie... I love you. *more hugs*


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07-12-03 10:15am

Thanks guys. Love you all.

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