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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2003 at 1:40am
Music: a silver mt. zion
Subject: Summer Hymns. by drew richard rosensweig.
How does one do it? How does one man become such a hit with the ladies? Even that aforementioned man who was a hit with the ladies did not know. Quite an average teenager, he woke up one day, and they were all over him. Cheerleaders, drama kids, it didn't matter. They wanted him like a pack of rabid dogs in heat. No matter where he went, they were there, ready to jump on it, to quote the Sugarhill Gang. Surely one would not pass on their blessing. Most definitely he would open up shop in his bedroom and have these teenage girls take tickets, waiting for their 5 minutes of glory. But not for him. He had never been seen pleasuring a lady. One mid-morning, as he was eating some frozen yogurt outside Cream Dream, the local iced-delights restaurant, a young girl, no more than of 19 years of age came up to him. Instead of trying to stick her tongue inside his mouth, as was the case for the typical admirer, she handed him a letter, addressed to, convienently addressed to "God." He opened the letter, and read the one-line entry. He folded the letter up and handed it to the girl. He finished his yogurt, and rose to his feet.

"My lady, I only fuck 50-year olds. And my name is Raymond."

And that's how the cow is milked.

(honestly, what the fuck did I just write? I really need to sleep.)
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07-18-03 3:52pm

what ever it was, it made me laugh a bit - even if it wasnt suppose to -but i guess thats how it goes.

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07-18-03 5:00pm

dude, it was great. i liked it.

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07-19-03 10:59am

sounds like the end to one of those jokes that you come in a little to late for...
like " so I said to the Rabbi .."thats not my hat"!!! (suggested laughter)

Your writing abilities are very good drewski!! I am truly impressed

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07-20-03 2:07pm

you cant say "no" to a philly cheese steak

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