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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2003 at 3:03pm
Current mood: excited
Music: LTJ
Oh man.
First off, I have to say that anonymous comments are rad as hell.... even better when none of them make any sense.

Secondly, I've been pushing my parents to get me the tenor sax I want. Since Mars is gone, I haven't found any music stores that sell the brand I want. Damn you Sam Ash and Guitar Center. But I did find a bunch of retailers online that do; ones that also give credit so I can make payments that I can afford. The MSRP on the one I want is around $2500, but since the sax I want is still new on the market, it's priced much lower to push sales... around $1000 less or so. So this one site I kind of trust,, had it listed for $1219, which is a fair price. But while searching to find a better price I stumbled across This site is a lot nicer and easier to trust, and they had it listed for $1299, although that said that they beat all competitorsí prices. Even better, I found the website from some fucking ghetto music shop in CT which had it listed for $1189. That is a great price, but I would never want to order from them. So I sent that back to, and they beat that price by $20, which is $130 less than their original price. Score. I'd soo order it from them, but I just hafta be nice to my parents to get them to help me get credit.

Wow, that was a pointless entry.

The name of my game is scamming.
I just sent the price that beat to to see if they would beat that price. This seems like a nice back and forth cycle I can work. sweet
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07-25-03 6:13pm

Good luck with the tenor sax purchase, I see summer has turned you into a bargain hunter. Scary.

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07-27-03 7:34pm

then look at them'll get something out of it. read the book, too. you might be moved-i was.

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Re:, 07-28-03 12:00am

maybe the Kafka one did make some sense, but the entry before that had the lyrics to the song Hey Mister. Come on now...

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08-03-03 12:23am

Since Mars is gone, I haven't found any music stores that sell the brand I want. Damn you Sam Ash and Guitar Center.

You might want to try All County Music down in Tamarac. Ask for Fred because he rocks. Every instrument I've bought, I've bought from them. And you get a pretty good warranty from them. I won't let anyone fix my instrument except for my teacher up at school and All-County.

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