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kate (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2003 at 5:15pm
Music: Tool
She sat there, at her desk, staring at that blank white wall as she had done so many times before. But this time, the whiteness swirled. Swirled and twisted into horrible images. The red of blood, the sight of pain and the aroma of death filled the room. She sat transfixed on the images that seemed to flash before her eyes. She showed no emotion even as a child of age 5 appeared, hung by its own bedsheet. The mouth lagged and the eyes hung from their sockets. After examining the sight, she blinked and the child disappeared. Standing up, filled with such deep apathy, she seemed to float over to her dresser. Bottom drawer, in the back right corner, under the box of lost memories, she picked up that knife. The one she sharpened every night. The one she thought of daily. The one.. she planned to use. She walked out of the room, into the world, and slaughtered the one she loved, with no more than a tear. Nothing but lethargy coursed through her body, her heart. She looked at his lifeless face and stared into the blank eyes, stained with the tears he had begged with for his life moments earlier. A smirk, and she greeted herself with her favorite knife.
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07-26-03 5:33pm

wow.... i don't really know what to say

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07-27-03 2:53pm

That was very good have you ever thought of being an author??

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Re:, 07-27-03 5:49pm

thank you and yes.

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