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thefccouch (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2003 at 5:28pm
Current mood: bored
I, Beth, just created this little community for those, like me, FC chat lovers out there!

Ignore the post above. I'm having... trouble with this program. Anyway... The whole couch design in my picture was done by Melissa (real_peachy). I hope it's ok if I use it.... Her journal can be reached here.

My Main Journal

On to the FC!
Take me there!

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w00t! *dances*, 07-30-03 6:54pm

Beautious!! Lurve the logo ^_^

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oioi, 07-30-03 8:12pm

Kewwliehs! Eheheh. so how does this work. Is it like, our jounal?

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PURPLE, 07-31-03 2:25pm

Nice logo! -jumps on the couch- It needs pillows -goes off to buy some-

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08-07-05 7:39pm

The FC couch was lime green. Get it right, buttface!

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