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theintervoice (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2003 at 10:26pm
Current mood: determined
Music: my sis on the piano, (she suks)
Subject: nother day
things are changing
people are changing

everyone is moving to live journal wtf noooot cool

ahh its been a couple of days
(since i've written in here, and talked to her

she called me, but i always just miss her calls now that i dont got the cell.
it doesnt matter anyway

so heres wats been going on.....couple of days ago i went to mizner with pat, chris and justin and we all just did some ANARCHY lol

then we did dumthing after that the next day

today i woke up, went with justin and ali and haley anne to justins house ,then to the mall and then went to mizner, then went to the beach, then went to big louis then went to the rooftops then went back to justins house, soooo it was alright

i got a piano

Tiffany comes back tomorrow that means i got to give back the car wow thats gunna suck. ummmmm

i am determined to figure out wat makes me tick, and eliminate it. for good this time.

no job, no girl, no money
life is good

things are changing
people are changing

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08-04-03 11:06pm

yo today was a good day cuhh... i dont have a job, a girl, or money either hahah

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