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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2003 at 10:18pm
Current mood: chill
Music: Benny Goodman
I just realized that I haven't been listening to enough jazz lately.... much less playing enough jazz on my sax. Sad.

I also just realized that this is going to be my last Adult Swim of the summer. This will be my last ATHF of the summer. It seems like just yesterday, or rather the summer after sophmore year, flipping through the channels, seeing a talking box of fries and watching with interest. Sigh.
So sad...

One more thing:
I don't smoke. Fuck you Dom! Fuckin stoner
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08-11-03 12:10am

Meatwad is the man... or meat, I guess...

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Re:, 08-11-03 5:57pm


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Re: Re:, 08-11-03 6:19pm

lol btw look at this.... i was like dam

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