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theintervoice (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2003 at 10:51pm
Current mood: ready...
Music: Staind - "so far away"
Subject: its not it was before.

today was the FIRST day of school, everything was pretty good i have classes/lunch w/ good friend of mine. i went to school (oto drove me) and went to all ym classes, then iw ent back to alexs and ate burger king after goign to the Ft Lauderdale Airport, to give Nick his phonebook or sumthing. after that we went ot fusion (oto youth ministry) and tonight he had an epiphany, i'm happy for him, he now want to change and become a better person to everyone and ebrything, he is giving up alot of the things he used to pelaseure to get in God's heart. i admire that, if only i could do the same. i try everyday tho, i think i am getting better.just give me time. tomorrow....another day,so have a goodnight and i'll c-ya tomorrow

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